A sleepwear collection based on three key pillars:
Comfort, Quality and Design.

The Slumber Loft is a luxury sleepwear collection created by Melanie Sheppard.

Launched in 2018, her inspiration was born from her desire to infuse a state of harmony into every day life. As a writer and lover of poetry, Melanie understands the power of transformation through simple acts: a walk along the beach, a long hot bath or climbing into a freshly made bed with crisp clean sheets. It’s the little things that create a foundation of love and wellness and they are so easily accessible to us all.

''I have a ritual when I arrive home from work that helps to bring a sense of balance to my life. I light a candle stimulating my sense of smell and soak away the day’s energy in a long hot bath. I never wear shoes in the house, only slippers.

The soft natural fibres of sheepskin, or softly woven boiled wool against my feet immediately soothes and relaxes, allowing me to keep the outside world from entering into my private oasis. Slipping into a pair of pyjamas or a silk nightgown, depending on my mood, symbolises that it is now “me time”. Time to nurture and honour myself.''

Her sleepwear collection is created based on three key pillars: comfort, quality and design.

Each piece in the women’s collection is the epitome of femininity, using classic silhouettes that flatter every body shape made from the finest of natural materials. Likewise, the men’s collection is designed to be worn as sleepwear or loungewear complimenting the masculine form. All slippers/house shoes have been sourced from the finest manufacturers from all over the world and is the largest collection found in one destination.

Our Manufacturers

In our determination to provide you with high quality sleepwear, we insist that our providers pass [and surpass] the PAS Ethical Sourcing Code

The PAS place a high level of importance on social and ethical compliance at every level of the manufacturing process.

That means from sourcing raw materials to our final product, our contributors must adhere to strict Labour & Human Rights conditions as well as Environmental & Animal Welfare laws and standards.

We are so proud to be making a positive impact with our process.

PAS Ethical Group Sourcing Code - Learn More